Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Mother's Look....A Mother's Hope

There is magic in the look of a mother gazing upon her children. There is love, and there is hope. In too much of the world, there is also a look of concern. Living in difficult conditions, there is much to worry about, especially their child's sight and health.

Your gift can ease this worry for so many mothers and their children. IEF helps ensure children get the treatment and surgery they need to keep their sight...for a lifetime. Partnering with 24 eye care institutions in 15 countries, IEF is helping close the gaps in eye care in areas of great need. By adopting IEF's sustainability model, our partners are saving the sight of more children than ever before.

As we remember and honor our Mothers, please make your contribution to a brighter future, one filled with hope with and the gift of sight.

Celebrate life, celebrate sight...for a lifetime. Thank you!!!

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