Friday, June 4, 2010

A Lifetime of Service – Dr. Lakshmi Rahmathullah

For the Rahmathullah family from India, service to others is a way of life. IEF’s Sustainability Specialist Raheem Rahmathullah learned well the lessons of working for a better life for those less fortunate. Soon to turn 80, his mother Dr. Lakshmi Rahmathullah has striven for over a half century to benefit the poor, particularly women and children. Early in her life, she was influenced by Mother Teresa under whom she studied for a year. A general physician still practicing in Kariapatti, India, she is recognized internationally as an authority on micronutrients, particularly vitamin A. Her work has earned her many honors, yet she remains committed to serving the people. Her son Raheem furthers her legacy through his work with IEF to expand eye care in the developing world by improving the efficiency and effectiveness of eye clinics and hospitals. The IEF is proud of its association with Dr. Rahmathullah and extend the warmest of birthday greetings.

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