Tuesday, March 22, 2011

IEF Board Member Larry Schwab blows his own trumpet!

IEF is fortunate to have Board members who work behind the scenes bringing their diverse interests and talents to the organization. One thing we rarely see is them out in public and blowing their own horns (sic).
Long time Board member, IEF volunteer and renowned ophthalmologist Larry Schwab, whose book Eye Care in Developing Nations is now in its 4th edition, is however the exception.
Larry grew up in West Virginia, and gained both his undergraduate and medical degrees from the University and was a member of the band in his student days. His love of music continues unabated and he can be heard playing his trumpet in the pep band at all the basketball games. Anyone who watched the West Virgina-Clemson game NCAA game on TV would have been treated to some great close-ups of the 70 year old Larry playing the school fight songs at half time along with his fellow and younger, Mountaineer Band members. A delightful article also appeared in the Tampa Tribune. click link to see the full story. www.2tbo.com/content/2011/mar/17/171823

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