Monday, April 5, 2010

Celebrate Spring

Celebrate Spring's promise of new life with the Gift of Sight. Restoring sight awakens hope for a better life

For a child facing a lifetime of blindness, it's frightening. 10 year old Irma Liliana lives in a humble two room wood home in Guatemala City. Her hardworking parents earn less than $10 a day to provide for their family of six.

Irma started going blind in her left eye in early 2008 and there simply wasn't enought money to pay for the operation she needed. A year later, Irma's parents took her to the social service clinic at Visualiza, IEF's partner in Guatemala City. The eye doctors diaagnosed keratasis, a severe inflamation of the cornea that causes scarring and blindness. The only way to save Irma's sight was a corneal transplant operation.

Last June, Irmal received her new cornea and her sight was restored. She has returned to school, she plays with her friends and enjoys life with renewed promise. Her parents are so grateful to the doctors at Visualiza saying "...there are no words to say for all you have done".

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