Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CMIS Operational at Divino Nino Jesus in Peru

New IEF Sight Reach® Management partner - the Divino Nino Jesus Clinic in Lima, Peru is a very productive faith based social eye clinic with big plans for the future. The adminstrator of the clinic is Ing. Alberto D. Lazo Legua and with his wholehearted support, this generous and energetic group plans to expand their services and use the Divino Nino Jesus/SightReach approach to sustainability as a model for other clinics in Latin America.
The clinic now has a new hospital management software system up and running. IEF assisted in the installation and implementation of the new Computer Management Information System (CMIS) which was developed in Spanish by Visualiza in Guatemala with IEF support. Pictured are Ing. Juan Emanuel Echeverria and Arq. Juan Francisco Yee of Visualiza working on the installation of the new system.
In the bottom photo, IEF's sustainability specialist Raheem Rahmathullah, Divino Nino Jesus's administrator Alberto Lazo Legua and Visualiza's systems engineer Juan Echeverria are seen enjoying a well earned cup of coffee after the successful testing of the installation.


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